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  • Survival Clothes – What’s the Difference?

    Survival Clothes – What’s the Difference?


    Having the right survival clothes when suddenly confronted with a SHTF scenario can make all the difference between survive and perish. Suitable survival clothes, will make sure of your comfort, safety and ability to adapt to the situation. Survival clothes provide protection and functionality in challenging environments. A little bit more than your everyday clothes,…

  • Tactical Pants – You Need Them

    Tactical Pants – You Need Them


    With the huge range of tactical pants available today, maybe we need to first figure out where we will be wearing them and what we’ll be doing. And remember we get what we pay for. The higher the price paid the more features included. Ripstop fabric weaves, heavy duty zips and water resistant treatments. Tactical…

  • The Harrington Jacket

    The Harrington Jacket


    A “Harrington Jacket” is the quintessential of all casual jackets. Originally manufactured by Baracuta of Manchester England way back in 1937 and officially called the Barracuda G9. The Baracuta G9 has built a solid following being worn by James Dean, Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra and even the James Bond, Daniel Craig. The Baracuta…

  • Gilets a Fashion Statement

    Gilets a Fashion Statement


    Gilets, also known as vests or waistcoats, are a versatile piece of clothing that can add style and function to your wardrobe. Originally worn as a protective layer for outdoor activities such as warring, hunting and fishing, gilets have become daily wear for men and women. Whether you are planning a camping trip, surviving, or…

  • How to Start a Fire

    How to Start a Fire


    4. Bow drill 5. Rope Lighter (aka sailor’s lighter, trench lighter) 6. Ferro Rod (aka Fire steel and striker)

  • Orienteering Compass – Must Have and Nice to Have

    Orienteering Compass – Must Have and Nice to Have


    In any SHTF scenario the need for map reading skills and an orienteering compass is absolutely necessary. The tools needed are a good quality map and a good quality orienteering compass. Now you might say, forget all that I’ve got a GPS receiver and Siri. Not so when the batteries are flat. Remember the rule…

  • Top 10 Survival Skills

    Top 10 Survival Skills


    Survival skills will help you, well, survive under hostile conditions. Without these skills you are at a distinct disadvantage. Here are my top ten skills that you must be absolutely good at. So best to learn them, practice them: 1. Shelter Building Being able to construct shelter from natural materials or using whatever resources are…

  • Emergency First Aid

    Emergency First Aid


    How to do the Primary Survey – St John Ambulance DR ABC How to do CPR on an Adult – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance AED – Automated External Defobrillator An equipment used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Can analise the heart’s rhythm and, can deliver an electrical shock, or defibrillation,…

  • Every Day Carry You Can’t Carry in the UK

    Every Day Carry You Can’t Carry in the UK


    Seems like the UK has very strict control over carrying knives in public places. And I’m OK with that.But it really restricts the every day carry ability to be prepared for when SHTF, right? According to the HM Gov website, here is what you cannot carry in public, without good reason, in the UK. Unless…