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  • Top 10 Survival Skills

    Top 10 Survival Skills


    Survival skills will help you, well, survive under hostile conditions. Without these skills you are at a distinct disadvantage. Here are my top ten skills that you must be absolutely good at. So best to learn them, practice them: 1. Shelter Building Being able to construct shelter from natural materials or using whatever resources are…

  • Emergency First Aid

    Emergency First Aid


    How to do the Primary Survey – St John Ambulance DR ABC How to do CPR on an Adult – First Aid Training – St John Ambulance AED – Automated External Defobrillator An equipment used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Can analise the heart’s rhythm and, can deliver an electrical shock, or defibrillation,…

  • Every Day Carry You Can’t Carry in the UK

    Every Day Carry You Can’t Carry in the UK


    Seems like the UK has very strict control over carrying knives in public places. And I’m OK with that.But it really restricts the every day carry ability to be prepared for when SHTF, right? According to the HM Gov website, here is what you cannot carry in public, without good reason, in the UK. Unless…

  • Prepping Fundamentals: Resilience for any Challenge

    Prepping Fundamentals: Resilience for any Challenge


    What’s it all About, Henry? Prepping fundamentals is about being prepared to survive natural or man-made disasters.It’s a lifestyle that makes sure you’re safe and secure and can survive all that life throws at you.Now you can survive by luck and endure many hardships along the way.Or you can survive by being prepared, by getting…