My Winter Project: Kawasaki KZ440 LTD

I have a hankering to ride a cruiser type motorbike next Spring.

So I bought myself a 1981 Kawasaki KZ440 LTD with a few issues…

As Delivered. Engine parts kinda hanging on there…
As Delivered
As delivered from the left side
Original engine ready to be removed
Original engine out
Big end bearing siezed
Replacement engine with a box of bits delivered
Cleaning up the frame ready for replacement engine

Orienteering Compass – Must Have and Nice to Have Features

compas orienteering

In any SHTF scenario the need for map reading skills and an orienteering compass is absolutely necessary.

The tools needed are a good quality map and a good quality orienteering compass.

Now you might say, forget all that I’ve got a GPS receiver and Siri. Not so when the batteries are flat. Remember the rule of survival – never trust your life to a battery, right? Continue reading “Orienteering Compass – Must Have and Nice to Have Features”

How to Light a Fire Without Matches or Lighter

how to lite a fire

You’re wet, cold and uncomfortable. You need heat to warm yourself up and, if your lucky to have some food with you, to cook an enjoyable meal. That for sure will lift your spirits in a survival situation. How to light a fire if you don’t have a lighter or matches or one of those fancy flint striker things.

Here are some fire lighting techniques using elementary science. Continue reading “How to Light a Fire Without Matches or Lighter”