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Tactical Pants – You Need Them

With the huge range of tactical pants available today, maybe we need to first figure out where we will be wearing them and what we’ll be doing.

And remember we get what we pay for. The higher the price paid the more features included. Ripstop fabric weaves, heavy duty zips and water resistant treatments.

Tactical Pants – the Design

High activity levels will require tactical pants with added features. Made from a rips weave that prevents tears. A gusseted crotch will add flexibility and comfort. Bar-tacks and extra stitching for reinforcement will lengthen the life of the tactical pants.

Original styles of tactical pants were made for function not form. Large exterior cargo pockets made to hold all sorts of tools and  weaponry.

Latest trend, and with a lot more style, is the low-profile style. Tactical pants that could from a distance pass for regular pants. Hidden pockets and sleeker designs.

Tactical Pants – the Material 

Original weight tactical pants are great for cooler climates. Probably a cotton-canvas mix. But maybe not so stretchable as a cotton-lycra blend.

For the Winter we need heavy weight fabrics. 8.5 oz per sq yard. Cotton or cotton blend.

Lightweight tactical pants are much more suitable for the hot weather. Made from a cotton-lycra material they are much more suited to the more active pursuits.

For the summer select the breathable, lightweight materials. 6.5 oz. Cool and comfortable.

This table summarises the different material found in modern tactical pants.

Cotton Canvas8.5 ozBreathes well but will fade, shrink and wrinkle
Poly-Cotton Canvas8.5 ozBlend of polyester and cotton canvas.
Durable, quick drying, resistant to fading, shrinking and wrinkling
Cotton / Lycra Oxford Canvas9 ozBlend of cotton with Lycra oxford canvas.
Breathable, stretches will wrinkle
Poly-Cotton Ripstop6.5 ozDurable resistant to most things including tearing, fading, shrinking, wrinkling

Tactical Pants – the Best Fit 

Now let’s talk fit. We need a little form as well as function.

We need our tactical trousers to look good as well as feel good.

Waist measurement – measure your waist just below the naval. And don’t suck in or blow out. Make it a loose fit.

Inseam – take a pair of trousers that you already have that is the right length and measure from crotch to hem.

Rise – The distance from the crotch to the waist band. For tactical trousers, forget the hipster look. You need them to be comfortable when stretching, bending at full speed. So wear them waist high. That’s better because of the large belt loops and with weighty every day carry items in your pockets the trousers will tend to gravity.

Tactical pants normally have a higher waist than your normal trousers, especially the ladies tactical trousers.

The high rise accommodates the heavy equipment that weigh the trousers down and prevents the tactical trousers from dropping and showing your ass cleavage.

And we don’t want that, do we?



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