Key Chains Multi Tool – Are They Really Worth a Place in Your EDC

Some kind of key chains multi tool seems to be a standard item in any EDC – Every Day Carry. It seems you really can’t leave home without one.

But can they really do the job intended.

Manufacturers for sure stretch the truth a little in the number of uses and do you really need a bottle opener in these days of twist-off caps and pull-ring cans. Continue reading “Key Chains Multi Tool – Are They Really Worth a Place in Your EDC”

Knives UK – Every Day Carry You Can’t Carry in the UK

Seems like the UK has very strict control over offensive weapons and knives UK. I’m OK with that, even if it affects my Every Day Carry Kit.

But it sure restricts the ability to be prepared for when the SHTF, right?

According to the HM Gov website about knives UK, here is what you cannot carry, in public, in the UK unless you want to risk 4 years in prison plus an unlimited fine.

Or, unless you have a very good reason for carrying the weapon in public. Continue reading “Knives UK – Every Day Carry You Can’t Carry in the UK”

Every Day Carry – EDC – AKA Small Toys for Big Boys

EDC, Every Day Carry. Essential items you need to deal with normal everyday life and possible emergency situations.

But EDC is also an attitude to life, always being prepared. Being self-reliant. Just like the Boy Scouts.

Every Day Carry items are normally small enough and light enough to fit into pockets. Being small and light, selecting what to  include in terms of usefulness and reliability is paramount.

The emphasis on every day carry items is dealing with daily challenges while also being prepared for personal protection, survival and personal injury. Continue reading “Every Day Carry – EDC – AKA Small Toys for Big Boys”


Since my interest in surviving and preparing for the worst has increased over recent months, I’ve started to research a little. And I’m gobsmacked with the TLAs. You know, the Three Letter Acronyms. The jargon. The abbreviations. I get ‘BOB’ and when ‘SHTF’ and I get ‘Prepping’ but WTF is TEOTWAWKI ??

So I thought I had better write them down…

Continue reading “TEOTWAWKI !? WTF”

Keychain Flashlights Torches an EDC With Style Necessity

Keychain flashlights torches are getting smaller and lighter. Gone are the days filament bulbs and Ever Ready Lantern Batteries.

With LEDs as the light source and vastly improved battery technologies, miniature flashlights can light up an area quite nicely, thank you.

And what a wide selection available. So here my top 7 picks for my ‘Every Day Carry Pouch’.

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