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Since my interest in surviving and preparing for the worst has increased over recent months, I’ve started to research a little. And I’m gobsmacked with the TLAs. You know, the Three Letter Acronyms. The jargon. The abbreviations. I get ‘BOB’ and when ‘SHTF’ and I get ‘Prepping’ but WTF is TEOTWAWKI ??

So I thought I had better write them down…

ALICEAll purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying EquipmentOr, in military jargon, Advanced Light Infantry Combat Equipment
ATLAttempt To LocateOr, Above The Law. Or, All Time Low
BIBBug In Bag
BOBBug Out BagA kit of essential equipment that needs to last atleast 72 hours
BOLBug Out Location
BOVBug Out Vehicle
CMCompressed MealsUS alternative to MRE's ???
C-RationCombat RationUS army field rations that were replaced by MREs
CYACover Your Ass
DLPDefence of Life and Property
EDCEvery Day Carry
FAKFirst Aid Kit
FEPFamily Emergency Plan
FIFOFirst In First OutWith respect to rotating food in storage
GHBGet Home BagThe contents of which will be different to that of your BOB...
GMOGenetically Modified OrganismWith respect to vegetables that have had there genes modified
HAMAmateur Radio OperatorWhy HAM, I just don't know
INCHI'm Never Coming Home
JICJust In Case
MOLLEModular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment
MREMeal Ready to EatLatest type of rations in US military
NINJANo Income No Job or Assets
PrepperA survivalist actively preparing for emergencies, disruptions to social, civil, political orderOften acquiring emergency medical and self-defence training, stockpiles of food and water, preparing to become self-sufficient
SHTFShit Hits The Fan
SOTFSurvival Of The Fittest
TEOTWAWKIThe End Of The World As We Know ItScary...
WSHTFWhen Shit Hits The Fan
YoYoYou're On Your Own

If there are any I’ve missed please tell me via the contact form and I’ll add some more




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