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Natural Sheepskin Chamois Leather

Genuine sheepskin chamois leather cloth for car cleaning. You will never dry your car with anything else.

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Genuine sheepskin chamois leather cloth for car cleaning. You will never dry your car with anything else.

This car shammy Leather is made from genuine natural sheepskin.

Super soft, highly absorbent and environmentally friendly.

Every chamois leather is unique in shape because itโ€™s made from real natural sheepskin.

Size: Extra large. Irregular shape approx 60cm X 100cm ( 24 inches X 39 inches). 6.5 sqft.

Excellent water absorption makes it perfect for car drying, windows, mirrors, cameras and almost any smooth surface. Can even be used to dry the dog.

Use this car washing shammy for a spot and streak free finish. The surface will dry quickly without leaving any water marks.

If you are serious about the look of your car, this natural chamois leather cleaning cloth is a must-have in your car cleaning tool kit.

When wet chamois leather is soft and spongy and far superior to any synthetic cloth leaving clean dry surfaces without marks or streaks.

No man-made cloth can compare with genuine natural sheepskin chamois leather cloth for cleaning and drying almost any smooth surface

If your chammy gets dirty just wash with mild detergent and rinse well with clean water.

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 3 cm


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