Chamois Leather Large Natural Sheepskin


Super soft and highly absorbent. Makes drying your car fast with a streak free polished finish. Genuine natural sheepskin. Natural and environmentally friendly. Far superior than synthetic cloths. Leaves no swirls, stains or streaks. Every chamois leather is unique in shape because it’s made from real natural sheepskin

Size: Extra large. Irregular shape approx 60cm X 100cm ( 24 inches X 39 inches). Can be cut with scissors into several pieces with no frayed edges

Natural sheepskin chamois leather has many uses. The perfect accessory in your car, boat and in the home. Perfect for cleaning paintwork, cars, windows, mirrors, mobile phones, spectacles, watches, jewellery, silverware and more. Clean your car like a pro


You will never dry your car with anything else.

Excellent water absorption makes it perfect for drying cars, windows, mirrors, cameras and almost any smooth surface.

For a spot and streak free finish. The surface will dry quickly without leaving any water marks

If you are serious about the look of your car, this natural chamois leather cleaning cloth is a must-have in your car cleaning tool kit.

When wet chamois leather is soft and spongy and far superior to any synthetic cloth leaving clean dry surfaces without any marks or streaks

No man-made cloth can compare with genuine natural sheepskin chamois leather cloth for cleaning and drying almost any smooth surface

If your chammy gets dirty just wash with mild detergent and rinse well with clean water.

Taking Care of Your “Chammy”

Before first use:

Wash your new chamois leather with warm soapy water (car shampoo is OK).

Rinse with clean water. Squeeze out all the water, wring it well.

Your “chammy” is now ready for use.

After use:

Wash with soapy water.

Wring all the water out. Get it as dry as possible.

Shake out your “chammy”.

Pull it out by the edges to its original shape.

Drape over line or handlebars to dry overnight.

When dry your “chammy” will be stiff.

It will become soft as soon as you wet it.

If you want your “chammy” soft:

When it’s dry work it up against itself, crumble it up in your hands

It will become soft.

Fold and store with your other cleaning clothes away from intense heat and sunlight.

After washing your car take a damp chamois leather and dry your car for a spot and steak free finish

Look after your chamois leather cloth and it will last a very long time

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