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Mens Gilets

Mens gilets are body warmers. More or less. The gilet is usually more tight-fitting, quite thin and a fashion statement. While a body warmer is usually padded and made from quilted fabric.

Gilets originated from France during the 19th Century and worn more for fashion than warmth. The question is “Is it hard or soft?” The “G” that is. Is it pronounced “Geelay” or “Jeelay”?

The modern men’s gilet is a sleeveless jacket worn on the outside or the inside, made from modern fabrics designed not only to keep the body warm but also as a practical and functional item of clothing

No sleeves do limit the usefulness as a whole-body warmer, on the other hand, no sleeves make the gilet more versatile in outdoor activities like fishing and shooting, especially with pockets and loops and things to attach other things too.

Quilted Mens Gilets

The quilted mens gilets are padded like a duvet. Sections are filled with down or polyester material acting as an insulator. Look for this type of gilet if warmth is the priority.

Fleeced Mens Gilets

Made from a fleece type material very light. Can be worn outside or inside a jacket. Some weather proof jackets have a removable gilet. Zip the gilet in when it’s really cold. Remove it when the warmer weather comes.

Sports Mens Gilets

Another type of mens gilet is specially made for the outdoors sportsman. Usually thinner and designed with added features for fishing or shooting

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