How to Light a Fire Without Matches or Lighter

You’re wet, cold and uncomfortable. You need heat to warm yourself up and, if your lucky to have some food with you, to cook an enjoyable meal. That for sure will lift your spirits in a survival situation. How to light a fire if you don’t have a lighter or matches or one of those fancy flint striker things.

Here are some fire lighting techniques using elementary science.

How to Light a Fire With Water

Using the sun as a source of energy and some way to focus that energy to a point where the energy raises the temperature enough for the dry kindling to burst into flames.

How to Light a Fire With a Lemon

But if the sun isn’t shining, try making a battery with zinc and copper as the electrodes and lemon juice as the electrolyte. You’ll also need something with high electrical resistance that’s also flammable like steel wool.


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