Knives UK – Every Day Carry You Can’t Carry in the UK

Seems like the UK has very strict control over offensive weapons and knives UK. I’m OK with that, even if it affects my Every Day Carry Kit.

But it sure restricts the ability to be prepared for when the SHTF, right?

According to the HM Gov website about knives UK, here is what you cannot carry, in public, in the UK unless you want to risk 4 years in prison plus an unlimited fine.

Or, unless you have a very good reason for carrying the weapon in public.

Knives UK

Any knife with a blade over 3 inches long.

Any folding knife with a blade of any length that can be locked in position and only refolded by pressing a button.



Some multi-tools are also considered ‘lock knives’, so be careful here.

Butterfly knives – Balisongs

balisong or butterfly knifeA ‘balisong’ or ‘butterfly knife’ – A blade enclosed by its handle, which is designed to split down the middle, without the operation of a spring or other mechanical means, to reveal the blade.


Disguised knives

Any knife which has a concealed blade or concealed sharp point and is designed to appear to be an everyday object of a kind commonly carried on the person or in a handbag, briefcase, or other hand luggage (such as a comb, brush, writing instrument, cigarette lighter, key, lipstick or telephone)


Flick knives

flick knifea knife with a blade that springs out from the handle when a button is pressed.


Gravity knives

gravity knifeA knife with a blade contained in its handle that opens by inertia or gravity. So that it can be opened and closed one-handed.


Stealth knives

A knife or spike, which has a blade, or sharp point, made from a material that is not readily detectable by apparatus used for detecting metal and which is not designed for domestic use or for use in the processing, preparation or consumption of food or as a toy.



a sword with a curved blade of 50 centimetres or over in length; the straight line distance from the top of the handle to the tip of the blade.


Sword sticks

a swordstick, that is, a hollow walking-stick or cane containing a blade which may be used as a sword;


Belt buckle knife

A buckle which incorporates or conceals a knife;


Push daggers

push daggerThe handle of the knife fits in a clenched fist and the blade protrudes between two fingers.



A ‘blowpipe’ or ‘blow gun’, a hollow tube out of which hard pellets or darts are shot by the use of breath


Telescopic truncheons

A truncheon which extends automatically by hand pressure applied to a button, spring or other device in or attached to its handle;



A straight, side-handled or friction-lock truncheon (sometimes known as a baton);


Hollow kubotans


A cylindrical container containing a number of sharp spikes



shuriken death starKnown as a ‘shuriken’, ‘shaken’ or ‘death star’. A hard non-flexible plate having three or more sharp radiating points and designed to be thrown



kusarigama lethal weaponA length of rope, cord, wire or chain fastened at one end to a sickle;



A length of rope, cord, wire or chain fastened at one end to a hooked knife;



Sometimes known as a ‘manrikigusari’ or ‘kusari’. A length of rope, cord, wire or chain fastened at each end to a hard weight or hand grip.


Hand or foot-claws

‘Handclaw’ – a band of metal or other hard material from which a number of sharp spikes protrude, and worn around the hand.

‘Footclaw’ –  a bar of metal or other hard material from which a number of sharp spikes protrude, and worn strapped to the foot



knuckle duster fist fightA band of metal or other hard material worn on one or more fingers, and designed to cause injury, and any weapon incorporating a knuckleduster;


Zombie knives

zombie knife knivesThe knives can have cutting blades of up to 25 inches, have a serrated edge and include images or words that glamorise violence.



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