Want a FREE Website?

When this pandemic is over and we’re in the “New Normal” having an online presence will be critical to your business’ success.


There will be an abundance of work and without a website to showcase your products and services you may be left behind

I am a new web development agency based in Devon and looking for ten small businesses that need a great looking website.

I will create and host your new amazing website for FREE!

A website that

– Attracts potential clients

– Projects your business and value proposition

– Is responsive (Looks great on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers)


Let's Work Together

Do you want your business to succeed?
Do you want your business to grow?
Do you want a free website?

13 + 3 =

There’s a Few Conditions…

1. You will need to register a domain name.

I can help you select the right domain name
I can help you register your domain name
Typical cost is £15/year
The domain belongs to you

2. I will create your website for free

See Myecogeek Web Development Plan for details

3. I will host your website for free for 12 months

4. I will maintain your website for free for 12 months

See Myecogeek Website Care Package for details

5. After 12 months you will need to purchase a hosting plan

I can help you select the best hosting company
Typical cost is £10/month

6. I will transfer your website from my servers to your new hosting plan for free

7. You will need to give me permission to include your website in my work portfolio.
And if you like my work, a testimonial would be appreciated

See https://myecogeek.com/portfolio

https://myecogeek.com Runs on SiteGround

I’ve tested many hosting platforms over the years and I’ve come to the conclusion that websites hosted on Siteground.co.uk are quick, secure and easy to manage. Customer Support is excellent and their bespoke site management tools are the best.

Full disclosure: This is an affiliate link and I get a small commission if you sign up through this link