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Every Day Carry – EDC – AKA Small Toys for Big Boys

EDC, Every Day Carry. Essential items you need to deal with normal everyday life and possible emergency situations.

But EDC is also an attitude to life, always being prepared. Being self-reliant. Just like the Boy Scouts.

Every Day Carry items are normally small enough and light enough to fit into pockets. Being small and light, selecting what to  include in terms of usefulness and reliability is paramount.

The emphasis on every day carry items is dealing with daily challenges while also being prepared for personal protection, survival and personal injury.

The pocket knives and flashlight torches selected are maybe at the top end of the price range, not just as a fashion statement but that the more expensive items are of better quality and more reliable since they mostly are designed for use by the military and police.

There is also a limit in what you can carry in pockets before the pants begin to fall under the weight so many really serious EDCer’s wear belts with holsters and sheaths and hooks and carabiners hidden from view by a T-shirt or sweater.

Cargo pants are useful in this regard. These tactical pants have multiple large pockets, in front, behind and on the legs. Room enough for many Every Day Carry kits.

And if the list gets any bigger then you may need a small fanny pack, or dare I say it, man-purse…

And if the list gets any bigger then we’re not into EDC but seriously into a BOB…

So what goes into an EDC kit? A very personal question. And the answer so dependant on individual circumstances and level of preparedness.

Here is a list of suggestions:

Folding Pocket knife

Used for all sorts of tasks, from opening the mail to self-defence.

Price: Out of stock
LED Flashlight Torch

Not just for the night time but to light up any dark space during the day

Scissors, screwdriver, pliers and many other tools. But for sure only the light work. EDC multitools are not made for the heavy lifting

Even non smokers will need to carry some tool to light a fire. In emergency survival situations. Fire is needed for warmth, cooking and signalling

This core list of EDC items can be expanded as far as you want to take it. Here are some more “If only I had a…” items for considerations:

Penlight LED Flashlight Torch
3.5 inches long
1 X AAA Battery
Alternative to thte Olight S10R


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