Fish Tank Ornaments for Fresh Water Aquariums

Fish tank ornaments and surroundings that my tropical fresh water aquarium fish will live in every day will be suitable for their physical and mental well-being, not so much that they match the room colour scheme.

That means – real plants and no unnatural fish tank decorations like coloured gravel.

Fish tank ornaments for tropical fresh water aquariums are divided into three separate sections, the substrate, the backdrop and the internal furnishings.

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Choosing Freshwater Aquarium Fish

“Let’s talk about fish, baby…”

The size of my tropical freshwater aquarium fish is pretty much dictated by the location and the space available.
But more about that later.
For now I have a rough idea of the size so I need to consider what freshwater aquarium fish I can keep.

Too many things to consider.

What do I want? More importantly what do the freshwater aquarium fish want?

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What Fish Tank Filters to Buy

So I’ve been looking into what type of fish tank filters I need for my freshwater fish tank and there are many variables to consider.
Fish tank filters with large and fast throughput are not necessary in a small aquarium and even not necessary in a large aquarium containing a small number of calm-water fish.
On the other hand large messy fish do require a large and turbulent filter to clean up their detritus and a large volume of bacteria to process it.
On the other, other hand a low throughput filter is adequate for a large tank with many small fish in it.

I’m confused?

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