Eliminating Cat Urine Odor – The Purrrfect Solution

Eliminating cat urine odor can be a really troublesome exercise.

One of the main causes for cats to pee outside their litter box is a urinary tract infection.

If it hurts to pee your cat may associate that pain with it’s litter box and so will avoid it at all costs. Preferring to urinate on the bed, on the carpet or in the corner of the kitchen.

So best to treat the cause and not the effect by taking your cat to the vet and have it checked out.

Keep the Litter Box Clean

Another cause of your cat urinating on the carpet is the litter box. If the litter in the box is stale, smells or their is urine and poops already in the litter box its a good chance that your cat will avoid it. Remember cats are naturally very fastidious in their cleanliness.

Potty Training Your Cat

Kittens are great imitators and will follow the behaviour patterns of their mother. So if the mother uses the litter box it’s fair to say the kittens will observe how the mother uses the litter box and will follow along.

Not so for a kitten without a mother’s guidance or maybe an outside cat being brought indoors. Then cat toilet training will be necessary.

Location of the Litter Boxes

Would you like to eat in the same area as you eat? I think not. The same applies to your cat. If you place it’s feeding bowls next to the litter box, well you can expect some surprises.

And if you have more than one cat consider providing a litter box for each cat.

A Little Privacy Please

The same applies to the location of the litter box. Would you like to go to the toilet with the bathroom door wide open? So give your cat some privacy and position the litter box away from the main traffic routes in the house and with an easy escape route in case the cat is startled. Remember also away from the cats bed and feeding station.

Introduction to the Litter Box

Poor litter box maintenance  is often why cats avoid them and find elsewhere to pee and poo.

Cats hate dirty stinking litter boxes the same as we avoid public toilets in bus stations, right?

Make sure the litter box is large enough for the cat to move around in comfort with no body parts hanging out.

A shoe box will be big enough for a small kitten but that will soon be outgrown.

And when you decide to upgrade and the kitten is already performing in the shoe box, place the shoe box inside the bigger litter box until the kitten is familiar with the larger litter box

How to eliminate Cat Urine Odors

A blacklight is indispensable.

Turn off all the lights and Inspecting your carpets, floors, curtains, bedding with a backlight will illuminate your cat’s urine.

Mark the areas with soft crayon or cut out the rough shape in a piece of paper and cover the area for later treatment.

And repeat the inspection after you have treated the areas to make sure there are no residual urine stains

Cat Urine Odor Eliminators

Cat’s urine odor and stain removal products can be bacterial, enzymatic or chemical

Bacteria will eat the oder-causing components in cat urine converting it to carbon dioxide and water

Home Made

There are many ‘home-made’ recipes for solutions to eliminate cat pee odor. Usually including:

  • White vinegar for stain removal
  • Baking soda for door removal

And the idea is to:

  • Blot up as much of the urine as possible with paper towels
  • Mix 2 cups white vinegar with 2 cups of lukewarm water
  • Add 4 heaped table spoons of baking soda. (Watch out because the solution will fizz up very quickly)
  • Spray the solution, a lot of solution, over the affected area
  • Leave for 10 minutes
  • Gently rub and blot up the wetness with paper towels

A lot of work for a short term solution. Because these home remedies just do not remove the odor causing bacteria permanently. Yes for sure immediately after cleaning every thing appears OK but in a few days the lingering smell returns.

Why? Well we need a little chemistry lesson here.

Cat urine is a complex mix of bacteria and because cats do not drink vast quantities of water, their urine is pretty much concentrated mix of bacteria and uric acid.

And its the bacteria that makes the eye-watering smell.

And what eats up bacteria? Enzymes.

Normal household cleaners and ‘organic’ solutions just cannot eradicate the cat urine door because they do not contain the all important ingredient.

Enzyme Cleaners for Eliminating Cat Urine Odor

Enzyme cleaners work because the enzymes eat the bacteria. When the bacteria is all eaten up, the cat urine odor and the stains vanish.

The enzymes breakdown the uric acid into carbon dioxide and ammonia. These are both gases that easily evaporate.

Like all else in this world there are good enzyme cleaners and some not so good. You get what you pay for.

Most enzyme cleaners are distributed in a spray bottle. A little more than useless since you will need to pour copious amounts of the liquid over the stained area and really let it soak in.

And remember to allow the enzyme cleaner to do its work by letting it air-dry.


Emergency Sleeping Bag from Survival Frog

TACT Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag from Survival Frog must be the lightest emergency sleeping bag on the market today.

When rolled up it slips into its own carry bag that can fit into the palm of your hand and weighs just an incredible 6.2 ounces. Which means it doesn’t take up much room in your bugout bag, vehicle glove box, or even your kitchen drawer.

When unrolled it is three feet wide and a full seven foot in length. Long enough for most people to snuggle up inside and wrap it around their shoulders and even covering their heads providing protection for the whole body against the most extreme weather conditions

[video_player type=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly95b3V0dS5iZS9fNWxfMUxLdzhkaw==[/video_player]

More Information on the TACT Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag…

The TACT Bivvy emergency sleeping bag is made from Mylar, a lightweight material developed by NASA that reflects around 90% of body heat

The outside is coated in a material that is stretchable, resistant to tearing and durable. So can be reused over and over again.

This emergency sleeping bag is waterproof and windproof with taped seams creating an impenetrable barrier to the elements.

For the Survivalist, lighter and smaller is better. The TACT Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag is exactly that. 6.2 ounces and rolled up fitting into the palm of one hand.

Because the mylar reflects 90% of body heat the TACT Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag will keep you snug and warm.

And if you want warmer, slide it inside your regular sleeping bag. Man, what a life…

Harrington Jackets : All-rounders But Not For All Seasons

Harrington Jackets are quintessential of all casual jackets. Originally manufactured by Baracuta of Manchester England way back in 1937 and officially called the Baracuta G9.

The Baracuta G9 has built a solid following being worn by James Dean, Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra and even James Bond, Daniel Craig.

The Baracuta G9 is affectionally called the “Harrington Jacket” from a character in the 1960’s soap opera Peyton Place, namely Rodney Harrington.

The Harrington Jacket become popular in the UK among the Mods and Skinheads of the 1960’s often worn with Fred Perry or Ben Sherman shirts.

A timeless design that fits between semi-formal and casual but for sure not a jacket for all seasons. The modern Harrington Jacket, the Baracuta G9, is made from water-resistant polyester/cotton. The lining is made with the Fraser Tartan made from breathable cotton/polyester.

2013 saw the relaunch of the Harrington Jacket, Baracuta G9, by the new owners, WP Lavori, with a slimmer shape and using new and improved fabrics.

What’s So Special About Harrington Jackets

  • Waist length made from cotton, wool and sometimes leather.
  • Fits snugly at the waist with expandable elastic at the waist hem.
  • Expandable elastics at the sleep cuffs.
  • Full front zip running up to the neck.
  • Two front side pockets with flags at the iconic 45-degree angle.
  • Mandarin-style collar fastened by two buttons.
  • A back yoke that lets the rain run-off.
  • Lining made with the famous Fraser Tartan.

Harrington Jackets and Golf

The design of the Baracuta G9 was originally inspired by the designer’s passion for playing golf.

Designed to keep off the rain and the angled pockets ideal for keeping golf balls, the elasticated waist and cuffs at the waist and wrists allowing freedom of movement made the garment ideal for playing golf.

A timeless design, versatile and flattering for all ages and body shapes, the Harrington Jacket demands a place in your prepping wardrobe, for the milder days…


Want a body warmer – Men’s Gilet

First Aid Boxes: First Aid Kits You Need to Survive in Style

So many lists and recommendations. So many first aid boxes:

  • First aid kits for vehicles
  • Fist Aid Box for  sports
  • First Aid Boxes compliant with the Health and Safety Executive, and,
  • Compliant with the BS8599
  • Personal first aid boxes
  • First aid kits for catering
  • First Aid Boxes for travellers
  • And First Aid Boxes made especially for the home

There are many first aid kits ready-made available online or you can make up a kit and select the items that you consider essential.

Whatever way you go they all serve the same purpose to render first aid to an injured person

And with that in mind doesn’t really matter where the patient is, we still need basic items in our first aid box

First aid box

Let’s start with the first aid box.

It can be a shoe box or a specially designed suitcase

For long term emergency use a durable moulded case with hinged lid is the way to go.

The international standard for first aid boxes is that they should be identified with the ISO symbol, a white cross on a green background

What to Include in a First Aid Box

Sterile dressings and plaster

Plasters: for small cuts and grazes

Sterile Pads: for covering wounds, holding the pad in place with adhesive tape

Sterile Wound dressings: A sterile pad attached to a bandage. Quick and easy to apply. Used on larger wounds


Roller Bandages: long thin cotton to support joint injuries and hold dressings in place

Triangular Bandages: Strong cotton triangular shaped can be folded to use as a bandage or a sling, or as a dressing for large wounds and burns

Protective Items

Disposable Gloves: Reduces the risk of infection. Always wear them whenever dressing wounds or dealing with bodily fluids

Misc Items

Cleansing Wipes: Alcohol-free to clean the skin around a wound

Gauze pads: Use as padding or as swaps to clean around a wound

Adhesive Tape: to hold dressings in place or secure loose ends of bandages

Pins and Clips: To fasten the ends of bandages

Tweezers: To extract splinters and foreign matter from wounds

Scissors, Shears: for cutting tapes, bandages and clothing if necessary

Emergency Foil Blanket: to keep the injured warm and protect from the weather

Torch: To help see in the dark and to attract attention

Whistle: to attract attention

Scissors for First Aid Boxes

Scissors need to be sturdy, stainless steel and long enough to provide enough force to cut through layers of bandages.

The blades of nurses dressing scissors have one blunt tip and one sharp tip.

But maybe include trauma shears instead of the nurse’s scissors

Trauma Shears

Also known as “Tuff Kuts” are strong scissors used by paramedics to quickly and safely cut clothing from injured people.

The blades are bent and the rugged construction can cut through seat belts, denim even leather

The wide blunt tip slides across the skin minimising the risk of cutting the patient as well as the clothing.

And if you’re buying a first aid kit, then please inspect the scissors that’s included because they will probably be too small, too weak and easily broken. Avoid the frustration, replace with a decent strong pair

Video from St John Ambulance

In an emergency situation you may need to act quickly so it’s important that you know your way around your first aid box

Here’s a short video from Saint John Ambulance showing how to use your first aid boxes

[video_player type=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vZW1iZWQvZ242eHQxY2E4QTA=[/video_player]

First Aid Box Contents List

Before a trip and at regular intervals first aid box contents need to be checked, missing items and damaged items replaced.

The first aid box contents list needs to be very legible fit very easy to fit into the first aid box and maybe laminated to make it durable

So, Here is my suggested list of contents for emergency first aid boxes

The Quantities are typical for a family of four

ALICEAll purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying EquipmentOr, in military jargon, Advanced Light Infantry Combat Equipment
ATLAttempt To LocateOr, Above The Law. Or, All Time Low
BIBBug In Bag
BOBBug Out BagA kit of essential equipment that needs to last atleast 72 hours
BOLBug Out Location
BOVBug Out Vehicle
CMCompressed MealsUS alternative to MRE's ???
C-RationCombat RationUS army field rations that were replaced by MREs
CYACover Your Ass
DLPDefence of Life and Property
EDCEvery Day Carry
FAKFirst Aid Kit
FEPFamily Emergency Plan
FIFOFirst In First OutWith respect to rotating food in storage
GHBGet Home BagThe contents of which will be different to that of your BOB...
GMOGenetically Modified OrganismWith respect to vegetables that have had there genes modified
HAMAmateur Radio OperatorWhy HAM, I just don't know
INCHI'm Never Coming Home
JICJust In Case
MOLLEModular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment
MREMeal Ready to EatLatest type of rations in US military
NINJANo Income No Job or Assets
PrepperA survivalist actively preparing for emergencies, disruptions to social, civil, political orderOften acquiring emergency medical and self-defence training, stockpiles of food and water, preparing to become self-sufficient
SHTFShit Hits The Fan
SOTFSurvival Of The Fittest
TEOTWAWKIThe End Of The World As We Know ItScary...
WSHTFWhen Shit Hits The Fan
YoYoYou're On Your Own

Including medication in your first aid boxes maybe a little controversial but as long as the first aid box is made secure and out of reach of small children, it will not hurt to include:

Folding Pocket knife

Used for all sorts of tasks, from opening the mail to self-defence.

LED Flashlight Torch

Not just for the night time but to light up any dark space during the day

Scissors, screwdriver, pliers and many other tools. But for sure only the light work. EDC multitools are not made for the heavy lifting

Even non smokers will need to carry some tool to light a fire. In emergency survival situations. Fire is needed for warmth, cooking and signalling

Be sure to replenish whatever you use and check the expiration dates.

First Aid Guidance Booklet

The first aid guidance booklet offers advice on basic first aid principles. It should not be considered comprehensive.

First aid training needs to be attended by at least one member of the party

The booklet needs to be up to date with the latest first aid procedures and include the use of the items in the first aid boxes. Including unconsciousness, bleeding, broken bones eye injuries and burns the most common injuries.

You can download a free first aid guide from Saint John Ambulance

The pocket-sized guide covers the following first aid techniques

  • Choking
  • Severe bleeding
  • What to do when someone is unresponsive
  • The recovery position
  • Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Heart attack

Saint John Ambulance also provide a free downloadable mobile app that provides easy to follow advice on first aid procedures including CPR, choking and allergic reactions. Very handy.

Mens Gilets

Mens gilets are body warmers. More or less. The gilet is usually more tight-fitting, quite thin and a fashion statement. While a body warmer is usually padded and made from quilted fabric.

Gilets originated from France during the 19th Century and worn more for fashion than warmth. The question is “Is it hard or soft?” The “G” that is. Is it pronounced “Geelay” or “Jeelay”?

The modern men’s gilet is a sleeveless jacket worn on the outside or the inside, made from modern fabrics designed not only to keep the body warm but also as a practical and functional item of clothing

No sleeves do limit the usefulness as a whole-body warmer, on the other hand, no sleeves make the gilet more versatile in outdoor activities like fishing and shooting, especially with pockets and loops and things to attach other things too.

Quilted Mens Gilets

The quilted mens gilets are padded like a duvet. Sections are filled with down or polyester material acting as an insulator. Look for this type of gilet if warmth is the priority.

Fleeced Mens Gilets

Made from a fleece type material very light. Can be worn outside or inside a jacket. Some weather proof jackets have a removable gilet. Zip the gilet in when it’s really cold. Remove it when the warmer weather comes.

Sports Mens Gilets

Another type of mens gilet is specially made for the outdoors sportsman. Usually thinner and designed with added features for fishing or shooting