Eliminating Cat Urine Odor – The Purrrfect Solution

eliminate cat urine odor

Eliminating cat urine odor can be a really troublesome exercise. One of the main causes for cats to pee outside their litter box is a urinary tract infection. If it hurts to pee your cat may associate that pain with it’s litter box and so will avoid it at all costs. Preferring to urinate on…

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Emergency Sleeping Bag from Survival Frog

TACT Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag from Survival Frog must be the lightest emergency sleeping bag on the market today. When rolled up it slips into its own carry bag that can fit into the palm of your hand and weighs just an incredible 6.2 ounces. Which means it doesn’t take up much room in your bugout…

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Harrington Jackets : All-rounders But Not For All Seasons

harrington jacket baracutta

Harrington Jackets are quintessential of all casual jackets. Originally manufactured by Baracuta of Manchester England way back in 1937 and officially called the Baracuta G9. The Baracuta G9 has built a solid following being worn by James Dean, Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra and even James Bond, Daniel Craig. The Baracuta G9 is affectionally…

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First Aid Boxes: First Aid Kits You Need to Survive in Style

Emergency First Aid Box

So many lists and recommendations. So many first aid boxes: First aid kits for vehicles Fist Aid Box for  sports First Aid Boxes compliant with the Health and Safety Executive, and, Compliant with the BS8599 Personal first aid boxes First aid kits for catering First Aid Boxes for travellers And First Aid Boxes made especially for…

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Mens Gilets

Mens Gilet Body Warmer

Mens gilets are body warmers. More or less. The gilet is usually more tight-fitting, quite thin and a fashion statement. While a body warmer is usually padded and made from quilted fabric. Gilets originated from France during the 19th Century and worn more for fashion than warmth. The question is “Is it hard or soft?”…

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Underwater Waterfall for Your Freshwater Fish Aquarium

freshwater fish aquarium

Well, if your fish aren’t entertaining you enough, how about installing an underwater waterfall as part of your freshwater fish aquarium  tank decor? The water isn’t really water, it’s sand and the system uses an air pump to push water up a tube and the water sucks up the sand. Here is a Youtube Video…

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Fish Tank Ornaments for Fresh Water Aquariums

fish tank ornaments

Fish tank ornaments and surroundings that my tropical fresh water aquarium fish will live in every day will be suitable for their physical and mental well-being, not so much that they match the room colour scheme. That means – real plants and no unnatural fish tank decorations like coloured gravel. Fish tank ornaments for tropical fresh…

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Fresh Water Aquarium Accessories

aquarium accessories

OK, so now I’m getting into the meat and potatoes of freshwater aquarium fish keeping – figuring out what aquarium accessories I need. And the paramount consideration – only use aquarium accessories designed specifically for fish tanks and fish keeping. This way I will avoid any contamination or poisoning of the water. Fish Tanks Most…

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Choosing Freshwater Aquarium Fish

tropical water aquarium fish

“Let’s talk about fish, baby…” The size of my tropical freshwater aquarium fish is pretty much dictated by the location and the space available. But more about that later. For now I have a rough idea of the size so I need to consider what freshwater aquarium fish I can keep. Too many things to…

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What Fish Tank Filters to Buy

So I’ve been looking into what type of fish tank filters I need for my freshwater fish tank and there are many variables to consider. Fish tank filters with large and fast throughput are not necessary in a small aquarium and even not necessary in a large aquarium containing a small number of calm-water fish.…

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