Key Chains Multi Tool – Are They Really Worth a Place in Your EDC

Some kind of key chains multi tool seems to be a standard item in any EDC – Every Day Carry. It seems you really can’t leave home without one.

But can they really do the job intended.

Manufacturers for sure stretch the truth a little in the number of uses and do you really need a bottle opener in these days of twist-off caps and pull-ring cans.

Don’t expect too much from these lightweight key chains multi tools. What can you expect from a tool 1mm thick. Even the titanium models are just not robust enough for the ‘heavy lifting’ without bending out of shape.

They appear to be TSA compliant which means you can carry a key chains multi tool on board a commercial aircraft but there have been cases where the security has confiscated the key chains multi tool so best to stow in your check-in luggage.

Never the less they do have their uses and are a great stocking-filler or business meeting ‘give-away’.

Here are 8 of the best that I’ve seen:

Leatherman LTN5 "By The Numbers" Keychain/Bottle Opener Pocket Tool

9cm X 9cm X 0.5cm 18gm

'By The Numbers' series stand out from the crowd. These tools were designed from the input of Leatherman owners. Only 1,000 pieces of each model will be crafted per quarter and each unique model will be known by an identifying number. Made from 3/16" thick 420HC stainelss steel.
Novelty - Wallet Ninja - 18 In 1 Pocket Multi Tool

8.4cm X 5.3cm X 0.3cm 27gm

The Wallet Ninja is the ideal gadget for the every day warrior. 18 tools are included in one nifty gadget to help you tackle life's little challenges on a daily basis.
Zootility Tools Pocketmonkey - The Original Really Really Thin Wallet Multitool Made in USA!

8.4cm X 5.1cm X 0.1cm 18gm

The Original, Made in the USA! The wallet utility tool: 12 utility and convenience tools packed into 1 millimeter of stainless steel that fits in your wallet. It's the perfect gift!
MOTA Ultimate Pocket Tool (18-in-1 Lion Tool multi-tool)

2.8cm X 8.3cm X 0.3cm 5gm

Only 18 mm thin and less than an ounce in weight, the ultra-thin and lightweight MOTA Ultimate Pocket Tool comfortably fits in your wallet
Gerber Shard Keychain Tool


Perhaps the most simply designed tool on the planet, the Shard is the ideal key chain companion. You get "just the basics" with the 7 functions you need in this compact, airline-safe tool.
EDC multitool keychain knife kit Skull Keychain beer opener pocket survival tool

75mm X 20mm X 4mm 20 gm

Multifunctional kit as pry bar, nail puller, screwdriver, beer opener, spanner, wrench or pocket survival tool. Lightweight, high strength and resistant to corrosion
Goliton 8 in 1 Muti Tool Keychain Key Chain

5cm X 2cm X 1cm 100gm

8 in 1 multi-functional key clip.
VERY100 Cool Skull Keychain Style Self Defence Survival Pocket Multifunction Tool


VERY100 Cool Skull Keychain Style Self Defence Survival Pocket Multifunction Tool



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