Every Day Carry – EDC – AKA Small Toys for Big Boys

Every Day Carry Example

EDC, Every Day Carry. Essential items you need to deal with normal everyday life and possible emergency situations. But EDC is also an attitude to life, always being prepared. Being self-reliant. Just like the Boy Scouts. Every Day Carry items are normally small enough and light enough to fit into pockets. Being small and light,…

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Since my interest in surviving and preparing for the worst has increased over recent months, I’ve started to research a little. And I’m gobsmacked with the TLAs. You know, the Three Letter Acronyms. The jargon. The abbreviations. I get ‘BOB’ and when ‘SHTF’ and I get ‘Prepping’ but WTF is TEOTWAWKI ?? So I thought I…

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First Aid Boxes: First Aid Kits You Need to Survive in Style

Emergency First Aid Box

So many lists and recommendations. So many first aid boxes: First aid kits for vehicles Fist Aid Box for  sports First Aid Boxes compliant with the Health and Safety Executive, and, Compliant with the BS8599 Personal first aid boxes First aid kits for catering First Aid Boxes for travellers And First Aid Boxes made especially for…

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Woodworking Plans

Looking for some woodworking plans? And tired of sifting through the woodworking magazines and books looking for some clear and complete woodworking plans and instructions on how to build your woodworking project? And how many woodworking projects have you left unfinished because the instructions just didn’t explain everything. If you enjoy building woodworking projects and…

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How to Build a Shed in a Weekend

You can’t survive without knowing how to build a shed! No matter the size of your back garden, you can always find space. Well it’s a necessity, right? Where are you going to store all your family’s survival gear? The kid’s bike? Your BBQ? But that’s OK because you can build one. How to Build…

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