Best Mens Cargo Trousers With Style

best mens cargo trousers

What are the best mens cargo trousers? Well there sure is a lot to choose from. And so many makers. Here are the more popular styles from the three most famous brands. Best Mens Cargo Trousers From Propper: Men’s Tactical Trousers The best mens cargo trousers from Propper come in four styles and for sure…

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Mens Cargo Trousers Wearing Them With Style

mens cargo trousers

With the huge range of mens cargo trousers and mens tactical pants available today, maybe we need to first figure out where we will be wearing them and what we’ll be doing. And remember we get what we pay for. The higher the price paid the more features, like ripstop fabric weaves, heavy duty zips…

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Harrington Jackets : All-rounders But Not For All Seasons

harrington jacket baracutta

Harrington Jackets are quintessential of all casual jackets. Originally manufactured by Baracuta of Manchester England way back in 1937 and officially called the Baracuta G9. The Baracuta G9 has built a solid following being worn by James Dean, Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra and even James Bond, Daniel Craig. The Baracuta G9 is affectionally…

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Mens Gilets

Mens Gilet Body Warmer

Mens gilets are body warmers. More or less. The gilet is usually more tight-fitting, quite thin and a fashion statement. While a body warmer is usually padded and made from quilted fabric. Gilets originated from France during the 19th Century and worn more for fashion than warmth. The question is “Is it hard or soft?”…

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