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Rule # 1: The surroundings that my tropical fresh water aquarium fish will live in every day will be suitable for their physical and mental well-being, not so much that it matches the room colour scheme. That means - no unnaturally coloured gravel and real plants. The decor of tropical fresh water aquariums is divided [...]

Well, if your fish aren't entertaining you enough, how about installing an underwater waterfall as part of your freshwater fish aquarium  tank decor? The water isn’t really water, it’s sand and the system uses an air pump to push water up a tube and the water sucks up the sand. Here is a Youtube Video [...]

OK, so now I’m getting into the meat and potatoes of freshwater aquarium fish keeping - figuring out what aquarium accessories I need. And the paramount consideration - only use accessories designed specifically for fish tanks and fish keeping. This way I will avoid any contamination or poisoning of the water. Most fish tanks are [...]

You can’t survive without knowing how to build a shed! No matter the size of your back garden, you can always find space. Well it’s a necessity, right? Where are you going to store all your family’s survival gear? The kid’s bike? Your BBQ? But that’s OK because you can build one. Go to the [...]

What is a Biotope: The region of a habitat associated with a particular ecological community. What? Let’s take a journey along a typical tropical river system. The river starts in the rain forests, deep sluggish waters. And as the water starts it journey to the sea and crashes down into tumultuous mountain gorges, through huge [...]

“Let’s talk about fish, baby…” The size of my tropical freshwater fish aquarium is pretty much dictated by the location and the space available. But more about that later. For now I have a rough idea of the size so I need to consider what fish I can keep. Too many things to consider. What [...]

So I’ve been looking into what type of fish tank filter I need for my freshwater aquarium fish and there are many variables to consider. A fish tank filter with a large and fast throughput is not necessary in a small aquarium and even not necessary in a large aquarium containing a small number of [...]

Before you spend any time considering, these home security tips and spending any money on a wireless burglar alarm system, there are many improvements you can make to your home security using simple and practical anti-burglar devices. First, you need to think like a burglar. Take a critical look at your home from the outside. [...]

It all starts with fresh water. Like us humans that need good air to live, tropical freshwater aquarium fish need good water to live. And there are two aspects to this; the water chemistry and the water quality. Water chemistry is all about the amount of organic and inorganic substances in the water that affect [...]